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Getting Car Loans with Very Bad Credit

If you need a brand new or a used car there are just dozens of paths that you can go down to get the vehicle that you need. You can go down the typical paths of going to a bank or a credit union or other types of financing. There is also the option of going to the internet to help you with your financing needs by getting online car loans for people with very bad credit. The least common but still very likely choice is getting in house financing at the car dealership that you purchase the vehicle from.

Going to a bank or credit union is probably the most common way to get car loans for people with very bad credit. These tend to be the hardest to get, but that is because they will usually only give loans to people with credit on the better side. The process is fairly easy though, you just go in apply, they will check your credit, interview you, give you a quote, and then the rest is up to you depending on if they approve you for the loan. These rates are good and are probably the best loan to get.

If you have poor or bad credit a bank loan tends to be out of the question, but there still is a great option and that is online auto loan financing. Most people with bad credit are going to be turned down left and right by a bank or if they do get approved just have outrageous interest rates. By going online you can apply and get approved in no time regardless of your credit. These rates tend to be moderate.

The last option is for the people with horrible credit, they can get financing straight from their local auto lenders for bad credit car loans. This type of financing is also referred to as in house financing because you will get financed directly from the dealer who you buy the vehicle from instead of an outside lender. This is very convenient but will have extremely high interest rates, and if you don't watch carefully a ton of extra fees.

Financing Requirements
  • At least $1,500 gross monthly income required for credit scores less than 625.
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. 341 meeting of creditors must be completed.
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. An Authorization to Incur Debt from the trustee is required.
  • Zero auto loan repossessions in the last year unless included in a bankruptcy.
  • Approved auto loans are for buying a car from our authorized licensed car dealer partners.
  • US or Canadian Residents at least eighteen years of age.
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