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Have you ever thought to ask to yourself "can I buy a car with really bad credit?" Most people are going to think that no, it is not possible to find auto loans for people with bad credit or even very bad credit car loans, for that matter. We are here to tell you different though.

We help to match you with a dealer that can finance car loans with very bad credit. This helps the people with very bad credit to finance a new or used car easier from a local new or used auto dealer, even with bad credit or no credit history.

There are options for people with very bad credit looking for car loans.

Car Loans for Very Bad Credit Options

If you are looking for car loans bad credit , or even if you are looking to get a new car, we have a bad credit auto finance plan that is right for you. Whether you have good credit, bad credit or even a recent chapter 7 bankruptcy or chapter 13 bankruptcy, we can find you an affordable car loans financing rate or an extended term 84 month loan to help reduce your monthly payments. So even if you are looking for extremely high risk auto credit dealers, we can assist you in securing financing for new and pre-owned car loans with very bad credit and put you back on the road to good credit.

Use our handy bad credit car loan calculator to determine your approximate payment and to see the effects that modifications to the purchase price of a car, your down payment, loan amount, loan term, and interest rate have on your monthly payment for your really bad credit auto loan. Now that you have a good idea of what you will be paying for ready credit used cars you can move to the next step and complete the car loans for people with very bad credit application.

Simple Financing Application Process

After you complete the simple application a local bad credit car loan representative will contact you to gather details and get the car financing for bad credit process started. Our new and used bad credit auto dealer partners are dedicated to finding a loan to meet every individual needs or they can also find attractive lease alternatives. If you need to get car loans for people with very bad credit simply fill out the application (remember this is only for people with very bad credit), and wait. A dealer will contact you to let you know you have been approved. Then all you have to do is go to your local auto lenders for bad credit car loans and pick up your vehicle. Obtaining a car loan for very bad credit has never been easier. Get better rates online with us then with traditional financing institutions because we specialize in online car loans for people with bad credit.

Your bad credit vehicle loan application will be transmitted securely within seconds. Our retailers have pre-approved hundreds of millions of dollars in new and used car loans for people with very bad credit. Who all have absolutely loved their very bad credit auto loans that they received through us.

We Help All Buyers Looking For Cars, Trucks and SUV's

Everyone deserves a second chance, even if they require:

  • car sales for people with bad credit
  • very bad credit car loans
  • Or if they simply suffer from:

  • extremely bad credit car loans
What We Don't Do

We are not a direct lender, therefore, we cannot facilitate funds for the following transactions:

  • Lease buy outs.
  • Vehicle purchased from private parties.
  • Refinance current vehicles.

Chances are our car dealers can overcome your finance problem even if you are looking to finance car loans for people with bad credit. All credit requests are processed by lenders for People with Really Bad Credit through local auto dealers in our network of car lots.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is It That We Do? is a used car loan locating service to help arrange car loans for people with very bad credit. We have agreements with automobile dealerships across the United Sates who have special finance departments to assist people with very bad credit car loans. We are not a direct lender, and we offer these services absolutely free to our customer. We know that there are many lenders out there that aren't that kind to people who need car loans for really bad credit so we just want to offer some relief to them.

What kind of car can I get?

Most people buy a vehicle up to 2 years old, with less than 36,000 miles that is still under factory warranty but our dealers have many makes and model year choices available, as well as new 2013 models.

Can I trade-in my current vehicle as the down payment?

Yes you can do that with a very bad credit loan, however, if you still owe more than the vehicle is worth the difference would be added to the price of the vehicle you select. This is commonly referred to as Upside Down or Negative Equity in very bad credit auto loan terms. Many customers that do not have a trade try to come up with the best ways to get a down payment for a car with really bad credit.

Can I get bankruptcy auto financing?

Even if you are searching for bankruptcy auto financing we can help you, there are many in network car dealerships that deal with bankruptcy. Our new and used auto dealers work with indirect creditors across the country electronically to Pre-Approve people with very bad credit to help purchase a pre-owned vehicle or a brand new vehicle prior to visiting the car dealerships that deal with chapter 13 bankruptcy and chapter 7 bankruptcy.

For more information and options you are in great hands with Car Loan Financing!

Financing Requirements
  • At least $1,500 gross monthly income required for credit scores less than 625.
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. 341 meeting of creditors must be completed.
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. An Authorization to Incur Debt from the trustee is required.
  • Zero auto loan repossessions in the last year unless included in a bankruptcy.
  • Approved auto loans are for buying a car from our authorized licensed car dealer partners.
  • US or Canadian Residents at least eighteen years of age.
I meet these guidelines, Skip to the application.
Customer Testimonials

“ I was very satisfied with the service and I would definitely refer a friend or family member. Thank You. “

- Courtney B. - Wixom, MI

"Thanks for all the help! Your flexible financing options made it possible for me to buy a new car so I could get rid of the old beater I was driving."

- Robert W. - Clearwater, FL

"A+ for Service! When most dealerships told me they could not get me into a car, your dealer made it happen. Thanks!"

- Paul G. - Las Vegas, NV

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